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The Art Factory is a a series of one day workshop created especially for undergraduate students who received theFoundations Excellence Awards. Each workshop within this program is designed to aspire and allow students to explore and collaborate on a large scale project.

Topic: Hand-building Concept Art for Video Games

Participants will be divided into three smaller groups working together and taking part in continuous conversations that open them up to talk about personal challenges. They will then build characters which embody how they see themselves in their own personal journeys using traditional media such as clay, watercolor, acrylic, lighting and camera.

This workshop serves as an introductory session not only to game design but also for students to develop their own identity as an artist and/or a designer in a nontraditional way. The concept of game is mentioned but could be understood in a conceptual context that is larger than the video game platform itself. The workshop will include a brainstorming session, concept party, and a short design session.

Brainstorming: Dumb Game Ideas: A game idea that could be summed up in 140 characters.

Concept Party

Design Session




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