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In addition to responsibilities of representing committee, student advising and recruitment, I am also committed to develope a body of work that reflects my scholarly collaborations with interdisciplinary studies and engage the community.


Faculty Creativity and Research Grants

Blink: User Experience and Interface Workshops

Role: Research, Development, Conductor, Educator, Initiator

Series of workshops created aiming at surveying the posibilities of creating a special topic course in the future.

In progress

seed Grants

Operation Bluebird: Art Therapy for Veterans

Role: Research, Development, Conductor, Innitiator

iC2C (Cure to Care College of Liberal Arts grant) initiative: The grant is a collaboration between COLA Art Art History, College of Science, Art Station (Ft. Worth Art Therapy organization), the Veterans Assistance Center.

The series include 5 workshops for veterans and an exhibition. The fourth workshop is conducted by me with the help of licensed art therapists from Art Station took place on March 31, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Swift Center.

external Grants

Remember Wilberg, 2016

Role: Brand + Identity

The creation of this oral history documentary is part of a NIOSH-funded grant and a collaborative project between the University of Texas Arlington's Division for Enterprise Development, the Art+Art History Department, and Safety Solutions International. The Wilberg Mine is a coal mine located in Emery County, Utah. The fire that claimed the lives of 27 miners on December 19, 1984 was caused by a faulty air compressor allowed to run in a non-fire-proofed area. This documentary focuses on fire hazards in an underground operation, as well as general hazard recognition and accident investigation issues. The primary audience will be mine rescue team members.

My design objective is to create a strong brand that is realatable to miners in particular, and at the same time, attractive and appealing to the eyes.

internal Grants

Digital Humanities/Database Visualization/Gamification, 2016

Role: Concept Art, Mobile UI/UX Deign

In collaboration with the departments of History, Women and Gender Studies, and English, a WSG Research database was established with information on influential women of North Texas. The information is divided into groups covering some intial themese such as locations, accomplishments and notes. These themese were determined to be umbrella ideas or events that match-up with curriculum that the game would be used to educate about.

In order to create a game that is fun and educational at the same time, we decided to build on the base concept of a detective game, with connections that are spread out on a map.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

APA Citation Web and Mobile Presence

Role: Concept Art, Web Design, Mobile UI/UX Deign

A single player game structured around an educational focus on creating awareness of APA citation rules and teaching its basics. The game takes the player on an adventure with the protagonist, Beowulf, to battle the great ignorant APAtosaurous.

Goal & Objectives:

Students will be able to identify basic levels of APA rules for citing sources. Students will have more knowledge and awareness of APA style in writing. Students will recognize what constitutes plagiarism according to APA standards.

The game is designed to appeal to students by engaging them with active learning through story telling instead of using sources such as pamphlets and static websites.

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