Teaching Statement

Many visuals solutions that we take for granted are nurtured over a long period of time. As an instructor, I believe in the importance of historical awareness of culture and design being an important foundation for visual communications design.

Students need to have that historical perspective that would give them a better understanding of progression of ideas. Therefore, I always introduce the project on the basis of more familiar concepts such as shapes, form, layout, and typography, and in the progression of idea connections and visual solutions with previous projects that students have worked on. Examples from the industry and case studies are provided right after the project brief and throughout the length of the project. They are introduced so that students can understand applications of the project and expectations early on.

The areas of art, design, and technology have merged into an interesting partnership.The role of a designer is an integral part of any creative team. As an educator, I work to prepare my student for success in all of those areas.

One area that my students need to be informed and engaged in is the evolution of new media and virtual reality technology. By showing them how a designer could function in such a environment, students could understand the relevancy and flexibility of design thinking in solving complex problems and finding desirable solutions. Not only that, it would open up opportunities for them upon graduation. The investigation of new creative tools as part of design practice enhances exploratory research in such a way that is integral to their development as a professional.

The most critical part of my design education is helping students develop the ability to ask the right questions and to be their own most trusted critics.

To accomplish such a goal requires me as an instructor to reach my students as individuals by spending generous amount one on one time after the initial lectures. I work to strengthen relationships in the classroom and to build confidence in my student so that they could communicate with me and with their peers more effectively. There are many questions out there and even the wrong ones present me with opportunities to teach. Learning shouldn’t end after they finish school. It should only be the start of a long and rewarding journey.

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