Curio Forest

Video game

Concept Proposal

The player found himself lost in a toystore and having to navigate through a strange world of giant monster toys in order to find his mother.

Project Background

This game is inspired by the intricacies of the business of selling to children in the context of the toy store. The toys themselves raise are a number of questions regarding consumption and the prevalence of consumer culture. The more important issue is the ways in which consumption affects the relationship between parents and children.

Genre: Arcade

Target Audience: Casual gamer, females, soon to start a family and have children, in their 20s.

Platform: PC/Mac

Tonality/Personality: There is no better words to describe the look and feel of this game other than it was made by a starry eyed kid. It has a strange atmostphere to it and a surrealist color palette.

Tools: Unity, Adobe Creative Suite