Into the East

VR / Teleportation

Screen capture of a play through in virtual reality environment Into the East.

Platform: HTC Vive

Design: Linh Dao

Develop: Linh Dao

Developed using Steam VR plugins and MIT Open Source properties.

Into the East is a reminder to never to stop looking inside. The experience is an ode to my own cultural heritage. Part of it is a self-challenge to explore the many fading memories of my childhood and of my hometown where I come from. This is precisely born out of my fascination with how the human mind work. In fact, each time the level is load, the position of the landmarks is generated and changed. The other part is a reason to push myself to develop a very personal style of illustration that could be implemented through flat sprites within a three dimensional virtual reality game development.

The experience is built specifically for the HTC Vive taking advantage of the binocular rendering - a split-screen view for each eye, spatial audio - sound clues come from specific landmarks inside the environment, and head and hand movement tracking using the headset, controllers, and a set of sensors.