Gesture Drawing Creative System

HCI / Motion Tracking

The gestures we perform while creating a work of art have physical and emotional components. These components are both controlled and beyond our control.

The uncontrollable is necessary. Randomness is vital. It is the universal mechanism that presents itself in all aspects of nature. It creates diversity and at the same time, uniqueness. The system of generating randomness isn’t simple. It is a rather complicated process. However, some of it could be analyzed and recreated.

This generative system serves to explore the possibilities and challenges of combining both the controled and the uncontrollable in the act of creativity. It is very specific in its task, which emerges from the basics of drawing, one of the oldest and most method of artmaking. Its pattern of behavior is both fixed and chaotic.

Features: Embedded Leap Motion Finger Tracking technology, Intuitively draw with gestures, Line quality responses to speed of movement, Easy export to .pdf with just one click

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