Colour Arranged by Chance Grid

Creative System

MAX patch that automatically generates a new piece using colors arranged by chance.

This project is created as an attempt to study the mechanics of pseudo generating randomnes and using that method to remove subjective compositional preferences. The patch uses the random walk method to pseudo assign random R, G, B values to each cell in the jitter matrix.

The idea of designing a process is quite fascinating because it involves design thinking but instead of working with colors, I have to work with numbers. These numbers do eventually come to represent colors. But first and foremost, they ask me as a digital artist to use my critical thinking skills to break apart and analyze colors down to the very technical details.

Max (MSP) gives me a set of high level tools that I did not know exactly how to configure. This was definitely a challenge of humility. It was very much dependent on me to invent a way of understanding and working with them. Eventually I got to start develop a deeper relationship with these tools.

With this introduction project, I learned how to use MAX/MSP to structure interactive software for generative pixel grid of color, but more importantly I learned how to reason about such programs. I was introduced to a number of theoretical and conceptual tools to understand multiple ways to solve this problem. I also learned how to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.