Critiquopoly Board Game

A Creative Outline for Conducting Critique

Year: 2017

Client: Art & Art History Department

Critique? The most boring part of an art class, you mean? You see I don’t believe it has to be that. This board game is to be part of an exercise that aims to tackle the difficult subject of giving a constructive critique. I understand that I lose the best of my students at the word critique, and so this was born out of one too many sleepy sessions in class.

The board game takes inspiration from the well-known game of Monopoly. The player roles a dice in order to move around on the board. Each of the squares represents an aspect of the formal art critique such as elements of design, methodology, et cetera. The player will then give critique using that category only but they have to be strictly analysis and interpretation instead of mere description. Print it out, try it for yourself and with your students. I promise that they will stay engaged, and will very well want to play it again.